Masks are optional

5-minute late policy for ALL classes!!!   

After 5 minutes, the instructor will not be able to allow you in class.

Cancellation Policy for Single Classes/Workshop:

1. In-studio credit will be given with a 72-hour notice.  Credit is good for 3 months. 

2. Less than 72 hr notice receives no credit but you may send someone else in your place IF they are age/level appropriate. 

Cancellation Policy for 4 week Session, Private Group or Party:

1. Private groups/Parties = 7-day notice to receive full in-studio credit and reschedule.  Credit will be good for 3 months.  Rebooking will be dependent on studio and staff availability. Less than 7 days received no credit. 


  • 6800 Brighton Rd.  Ben Avon PA 15202  

  • Our building sits at the bottom of the hill. 

  • Parking lot available and free

  • PLEASE do not block any garage doors if the lot is full.  Extra parking is in front of the building.

  • The Circus School stair case and entrance are around the back. 


  • 200lbs max for ALL class

  • If you are a male wanting to come for class and you are a little over the weight rule, please call us first.  



              FOR ALL CLASSES except POLE FITNESS

  • Longer hair must be pulled up or back.

  • Tops must cover the entire torso and lower back. No crop tops. 

  • Armpits with hair must be covered by a sleeve. This is for both men and women. 

  • Bottoms must be Capri or Full-Length leggings.  No shorts of any kind.

  • Adult men can wear longer shorts.  Youth boys should wear some kind of athletic pants.

  • Bare feet in all classes  EXCEPT German Wheel 

  • No perfumes, scented lotions, oils of any kind.  We will not allow you in class if you have applied fragrance.   

  • No jewelry on neck, wrists, fingers.  Smaller earrings are okay.  Piercings we can not see are at your discretion. 


  • Due to the nature of Pole, open skin is the best form of traction

  • Our Pole room is completely enclosed.  You can not walk around the circus school in tiny clothes. 

  • We do not allow spectators in Pole class

  • Absolutely no video or photos

  • It's best to wear form-fitting shorts that expose the back of the knee (biker shorts)

  • The top can be a tank or sports type top but nothing baggy or flowy

  • DO NOT WEAR BATHING SUIT or risque' lingerie or booty shorts. 

  • You may go upside down a little bit- be mindful that your clothing will not yield a wardrobe malfunction.  We do get men in class at times.  

  • If we feel you are not appropriately dressed, we will not allow you to take a class.   We ask that you choose humble athletic attire. 

  • Bare feet- no heels of any kind


  • Must remain in the waiting area- do not enter the Circus floor while we are in class. 

  • You may use our restrooms while there is a break BETWEEN classes.  

  • NO FOOD or SNACKS in our waiting area. 

  • No smoking of any kind- including vapes. 

  • Please do not talk to students while they are in class (even if they are your child).  Students need to pay attention to the instructor at all times. If you need to speak to a student, we will ask that they step off the floor to do so. 

  • PHOTOS - do not snap pictures of anyone without their permission. 

  • VIDEOTAPING is not allowed unless you are taking a solo private lesson. 


  • Classes that we have available to the public are listed here. 

  • We do offer some 1-time classes (Bungee, Pole, Mini Circus Camp, Circus Class, & Specialty workshops).

  • Aerial Silks - Enroll in a 4-week course.  There are courses for youth and adults. Once you finish those 4 weeks, we will discuss membership.

  • Can't commit to a session?  Call/text us to book a private 412.681.0111

  • Want to book a party?  Call/text us at 412.681.0111


  • Memberships are offered for our Aerial Silks and Circus classes.

  • Membership is for those who would like to continue the curriculum by enrolling in a weekly class.

  • Once you have mastered the fundamentals by taking a 4-week course, we will discuss membership options with you. 

  • The minimum commitment for membership is 2 months, with auto-draft tuition of $120 per month.

  • You would come to the same day and time each week.  We will discuss placement with you when appropriate. 

  • Upper-level classes are not advertised on this website.

  • As a member, you will have the opportunity to attend open practice sessions, member-only events, perform in student showcases..