Elevate ~ Enjoy ~ Exhale

The current Aerial Yoga schedule is running in the form of 3-4 week sessions.  Please call/text us to find out when the next session begins. 



Every day we pound the earth with our feet.  We carry around "stuff" adding more and more weight to our body and mind.  We tend to live a fast-paced life full of things that can seriously weight us down- both literally and emotionally. We forget to stop and smell the roses.

 We don't always have the opportunity to put our feet up.    Filling up every minute of every day with "stuff" can turn into a bad habit.   All this "stuff" can create unsettling anxiety, mood changes, and interrupted sleep patterns.   

We are challenging you to carve out time just once a week for YOU! 

We want you to consider taking an Aerial Yoga/Hammock class.  

We want you to consider, for just an hour, to drop all the "stuff"!  

Come and feel the weightlessness that aerial yoga can offer.  

There is something comforting about being suspended in the air.  

A freeing and liberating feeling.  

All the "stuff" will still be there.

 Take an hour for your self.  

No aerial silks or yoga experience is required. 

Please wear form-fitting clothing that covers the back of your knees and lower back. 

You may bring a mat but we also use our thicker mats under each hammock. 

Bare feet in class. 

This is a light-hearted class- giggles and grunts are allowed.  

We are allowing some youth IF they are accompanied by an adult in class and IF they pinky swear to not be disruptive.   


 *Hammock sizing 

 *Warm up-generally on floor 

 *Guided Aerial Yoga/Hammock flows, conditioning, lengthening, strengthening

 *Short portion of the class is dedicated to tricks and flips.

        During this time, you may try the tricks or take a short break.  

 *Cool Down will include hip openers and abdominal work. 

The class itself is about 60 minutes depending on how long the class is scheduled.