Owner & Founder ~  Holly Kirby




Is anyone else losing their patience with the "new" world? 

Yeah, us too.  Sigh...

There is at least one good thing...WE ARE OPEN!


We've made a few changes... 

Aside from the many hours of extra cleaning, we are carefully controlling the number of students in class at any given time. 

We are also limiting the number of new students each month.  

Current students are enjoying their favorite classes with their

bestie circus buddies.  

New students are happy learning airborne arts.  

Private parties have resumed. 


As the world and the powers that be continue to adapt

COVID guidelines, we will keep our sanity by "hanging" out with

our circus fam (pun intended). 

We DO have opportunities for new students. 

Please click HERE for Aerial Silks info.  

Or HERE for Circus Props such as Lyra, Trapeze, German Wheel.

All services are done by pre-registration, by appointment, or by invitation only. We do not have a drop-in option for new students. 

Call/text 412-681-0111


Contact us! 

Click HERE