Pittsburgh Aerial Silks & Circus

What Level Am I?

The following is a general guide the instructors use to place you in an appropriate class.

As of January 2019, we no longer have a level called "newcomer".  


Youth Classes

*teacher will let you know if its time to move up






FIRST TIME FLYER Prerequisites: 

No experience 

Level 1 Prerequisites:

No experience but taking  2  First Time Flyers classes is super helpful

Level 2 Prerequisites:

Climb- doesn't have to be the whole way up, single foot lock, Rebecca split, hammock fundamentals, hammock drop, flying angel. All elements can begin on the floor.


Level 3 Prerequisites:

Hip key 100% accuracy from the floor,  straddle back must be 100% solid, basic inversion skills, crocheting legs, developing a simple routine, all skills should be in the air but can be low flying.


Level 4 Prerequisites:

Hip key in air 100% accuracy. Inversions in the air (toe tagging is okay),  advanced climbs, catchers/cross catchers, single drops, simple routine set to music.  At the discretion of the teacher, you may be extended an opportunity to be part of  “AIR MASTERS” student performance team.


Level 5 Prerequisites:

Double layered drops. Choreography based, intricate sequencing, fine tuning foot and hand styling.  All elements are done a few climbs up at a working height of at least 15 feet.  Multi revolution drops within a routine (meaning that you do not come down after each drop).  Toe tagging should be minimal. We will experiment with duo work In the silks. At this level, you may inquire about being an entry level silks teacher and be part of our “Dans L’Air Aerial Dance Company” .


Level 6 Prerequisites:

This level will continue to add multi level drops, single and double ankle hangs, much longer and more detailed figures.  Hip swivels, straight leg inversions, NO toe tagging.   All Level 5+ classes will require that you use the 20 ft silks. 


Level 7 Prerequisites:

Harder variations of some drops, drop  combos, straight arm inversions, layering your own drops,  stripping down new moves, suggesting new moves that you find on youtube, group routine choreography.