Purchase your own silk! 

We do sell nearly everything you need for at-home training.  

Fabric is 40 Denier Tricot (low stretch-same as we use in studio)

$9.00 per yard and is 108 inches wide (standard size)

Nearly every color is available:

Red, White, Beige, Jade, Black, Neon Yellow, Ivory, Light Blue, Sapphire Blue, Turquoise.....and many more.

 Specialty colors like Navy, Burgundy, Buttercup are higher priced and average $20.00 per yard. 



Larger Rental Equiptment

Fees do not include delivery (except quad rig)- we can deliver/pick up smaller items in most Pgh areas for $75.00 per 30 minute drive time from downtown Pittsburgh. 


Rental fees for the following items:

$50.00 for 4 hours or day rate (12 hours) of $150.00

Rental fee is pre paid upon booking.  Additional security deposit of $250 is also collected.  You will receive the deposit back as soon as items are returned. 

Lyras- circular or flat top-single & double points avail

               **We will retape with black tape if need be before rental. 

Static trapeze- single or double person

Corde Lisse

Aerial Silks-multiple colors and lengths 

Aerial Cube- This item is large and will not fit in most SUV.  Pick up truck is necessary.

**all items will have necessary carabiners/swivels attached. 


Portable Rig

Due the complexity of this item, rental fees include delivery/set up/break down/removal. We offer this only as a day rate (12 hours) of $1000.00 - In the Pittsburgh area.   If you are more than 20 miles outside the city,  $75 per 30 min extra driving will be charged.   It will be prorated if it is less than additional 30 minutes.  Payment is taken upon booking.  


Portable Rigs-large quad frame in multiple height options. We have 2 rigs. 

We can provide pictures and suggestions for height.

We do have to deliver it and build it for safety reasons.  Set up is usually 30 minutes or less. We have a variety of options for stability. We do have the right to decline the set up if we feel the ground is too uneven or unsafe. In this unlikely event, we will do what we can to build the rig in the safest place possible.  If accommodations can not be made, we CAN NOT refund money as we have reserved/held and delivered it per your request.  We do ask many questions ahead of time to make sure your location is suitable for large circus equipment. 


You will be responsible for the actual items rented as well as anyone who will be using it.  Full replacement of item will be expected in the event that it is damaged in anyway.  Waiver and full payment will be required to book any equipment.  We accept cash, credit card, paypal, venmo.  We do not accept checks. 

If you are booking our teachers/performers for party/event, all equpt that we need to bring IS included in the booking prices.  Details will be discussed. General rates begin at $750.00 per hour for 2 performers per hour.   There is an extra fee of "holding time" if we have to set up early and wait our turn or if breakdown has to wait until your event is over. The holding time is situational based and we will work together to fit your budget and our time frame.  


We require a 30 day cancellation for any rental agreement, performer contract, teacher at your location etc.  You will receive a refund minus $100 for administrative fee and turn away pay for our workers. 

Less than 30 day cancellation equals the cost of the original rental agreement. No $ will be refunded. 


We collect the full amount of all purchases before we order it for you. Once ordered, a purchase of silk/equpt         CAN NOT be cancelled. Prepayment will NOT be refunded if you change your mind.  

We can not accept returns unless our vendor approves and  the item can be deemed completely defective or can be resold at the time of return.  

All rentals, performers, teachers at your location, equiptment purchase etc. will require a sign agreement. 


We sell silks, hammocks, and all the pieces you need.  

 If we don't have it, place your order now and we will have it to bring with us when we come.   We can also ship silks.   Other available colors to order: pastel blue, pastel pink, emerald green, turquoise & white.  Generally these all fall in the same price category. 



No shipping cost if picking up 

Hammock/Aerial Yoga:  Standard length 6 yards,  2 carabiners, 2 straps or 2 ceiling mounts with screws = $110.00   Shipping is $14.00 priority 

       *if you need it to be longer than 6 yards, $8.00 each additional yard

       *there are more color options with the hammocks 


10 yards, 1 O ring, 1 carabiner, 1 strap or 1 ceiling Mount =  $125.00  Shipping  $19.00 Priority                

12 yards, 1 O ring, 1 carabiner, 1 strap or 1 ceiling mount  = $ 141.00 Shipping $19.00 Priority 


15 yards, 1 O ring, 1 carabiner, 1 strap or 1 ceiling mount  = $ 165.00 Shipping $19.00 Priority


Over 15 yards will incur a $9.00 per yard increase.  

Shipping for Lengths over 15 yards will be calculated by weight. It will not fit in a large priority box.  

Ceiling Mount with screws : $15 each or substitute each mount for the straps

Straps: Extra Strap are $10.00 each 

Carabiner: Extra Carbiners are $18.00 each 

"O" ring: Extra "O" Rings are $10.00 each