Summer 2020 SCHEDULE: 

60-minute Open Level  Class  $27

SUNDAYS 6:30pm-7:30pm

All poles have a custom fit mat. 

 STRICT 200 lbs weight limit! 





Option 1 


Private 60 min class for up to 8 participants

Option 2 


Private 60 min class for up to 8 participants


75 min in our party room


*extra time in the party room is $50 per hour

*we do ALL the cleanup

*we dress the tables and chairs in fabric linens & satin overlays


*we will be in an enclosed room BUT you must adhere to the following rules to partake in class: 

1. NO G strings or thongs!  Workout shorts are preferred.

2. Cropped tops/sports bras are okay IF they are form-fitting.  No loose tops that will yield wardrobe malfunction.  Some bathing suit tops might work. 

3. Bare feet are the best.  No heels unless we are running a "heels" class. 

4. If you are changing into pole clothing, you MUST have clothes over to walk from the bathroom to the Pole room.  DO NOT walk around in booty shorts and sports bras. You MUST be in the Pole room when in Pole clothing. 

5. NO LOTIONS, OILS, or PERFUMES!  If you are too fragrant, we can not let you in class.  Some of our teachers have very bad allergies.   

 If you smoke...please freshen up. 

Smoke smell can be offensive to others & intensifies when your body heats up. 

6. If you have your favorite Pole sticky spray/rosin, feel free to bring it with you.  Please make sure it is intended for use with Pole.  

7. Jewelry: NO RINGS!   Nothing on wrists.  Small earrings are okay.  Basically, anything that would rub and scratch the pole needs to come off.