Is there a weight limit? 

YES!  We have a strict 200# weight limit for all our classes.  PLEASE be sure you qualify before you come.  We do have a scale at our front desk if you or the teacher is unsure.  This is the best for everyone especially you. 

What do I wear?

Form-fitting clothes are the best. We require that you have the back of your knees AND lower back covered.  Cap sleeve/short sleeve shirts are probably the best for a top. Tank tops are okay in the beginning but when you advance to armpit holds you will most likely get at least one silk burn in your armpit..and let me tell you- THEY HURT! Our suggestions: capri length leggings, full-length leggings, tighter sweat pants, cap sleeve/short sleeve/tank that is not too baggy. Bare feet in Silks/Circus/Pole.  Tennis shoes in Bungee and German Wheel.  We do ask that bracelets and rings are removed. Your fingers may swell. Earrings are cool. 

Pointers for Pole Dance click here.


How often should I come?

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Building muscle memory is key in the beginning. You will be space it out based on your ability to train vs. soreness. Ideally 2 times week will yield the best results.


What if i'm out of shape or not in the best of shape?

Well... let us fix that! Think of it this way, you are only moving your own weight on the silk. Easier said than done, but progress will come with an overall commitment to getting fit. We do offer other fitness classes to help build endurance, strength, and stamina to help with silks training. Some core strengthening exercises will be reviewed in silks class so you have something do to when you are watching your soap operas.


How long will it take until I'm good?

Define "good"... If you want to do some cool fun tricks and shape up your body, I would say give it a solid 2 months (2 times a week classes) before you reevaluate. If you want to be like circus crazy people......well....we can probably get you close. It may be more of a private lesson set up with constant one-on-one training. Figure out your goals, talk to the instructor, and see realistically what your schedule and budget will allow.


How young is too young? How old is too old?

We begin our Aerial Programs at the age of 6 granted that they can stay engaged for a 60 min class.  What we need are kids who can follow multiple-step commands, willing to be patient waiting their turn, be somewhat well behaved (but we get it that kids need to be kids), not give up even if they are tired or frustrated. It's hard to say if a kid is too young....maturity in kids is such a spectrum these days. 

Mature people do silks too! There are a variety of things we can do even if you cant climb to the top of the silk. So rather than looking at the digits of your age, come and give it a try even just once. Significant medical issues may need to be addressed ahead of time so we can figure out a plan to adapt traditional silk moves. 

How do I redeem my internet voucher? 

We take internet type vouchers in our BEN AVON location. They are accepted in First Time Flyers or INTRODUCTORY CLASSES.  We will not accept vouchers of any kind in upper-level classes.  Generally speaking, we do not need a pre-registration unless it specifically says to call ahead.  UPDATE  June 2020- due to Covid restrictions and limited space in classes, we MUST ask that you pre-register. 

How do I book a private party? 

Please call the studio 412.681.0111.  Give us a day or 2 to get back to you.

Private groups/parties are booked when there are no other classes taking place.

Pricing click HERE


Snow cancellations?

Yes, occasionally we must cancel a class for weather related issues.           We dont necessarily follow a school calendar but we take into account the road conditions for the teachers and students.  If its too risky, we will cancel.  We post ALL cancellations on our "Live Google Calendar", FB page and KDKA.