Instructor Certification! 


Want to teach silks, lyra, trapeze, acro balance, aerial yoga, aerial cube, corde lisse or bungee? 


We offer teacher certification for free to those willing to commit 1 year of service as a teacher for us (up to 2 classes a week) and non compete agreement.   


We require minimum 1 year of aerial experience as a student and be able to master our Level 4 curriculum to be a Level 1 teacher.  

We provide you the training to teach aerials (for us) ,an instructor manual and free silk time in the studio.  


If you would like to become an aerial teacher, you must first be our student.


 There is a light application process to become an aerial teacher so it helps if we know you and your personality and abilities.  


Call and speak to Holly if you are interested. 412.681.0111