6/5, 6/26, 7/24, 8/21


6:15pm Arrive, settle in, sign waiver.

6:30pm Warm up and Family Fun Circus Class 

7:45pm-9pm Open Play


Ages.... We can be flexible but if the kiddo is too small, they will not be able to grip the silks and other circus props. Kindergarten ish age is about the youngest we suggest. NO DIAPERS/Pull Ups!


This is a family event!

We are relying on parents/older siblings to help be spotters for younger ones.

Please do not drop off little ones and leave- they must have a spotter.

It is truly unique and makes for awesome photos, team building etc.

We will teach introductory moves on Aerial Silks/Lyra/Rings (as time permits)



Form-fitting cotton type clothing works best- yoga type clothing.

Females MAY NOT wear shorts of any kind (capri/leggings please).

Tops should be T-shirt or Tank- NO CROP TOPS

No buckles or zippers.

Do not wear jeans- they do not move enough.

Bare feet in class.

Everyone must be registered.

$25 per person

Book your spot here


We have a water dispenser and cups or you can bring water.

We will have a snack available. 

Your welcome to bring your own snack.


If you have questions or concerns, please call/text 412-681-0111.


We do not take vouchers/class cards or gift certificates for Special Classes.