Upcoming Events! 


MUST PRE REGISTER!   We need 10 students to run this event.

Circus Fundraiser ~ Open Play ~ Save the Koala

Monday Feb 17th 11am-1pm
Monday March 16th 4:30pm - 6:30pm *Wear Green*

Optional 30 min Introductory Aerial Silks/Lyra.
Open play for the rest of the time.


Make it a family adventure

A few light rules about the youth:
* Ages 4 & 5 must must have an adult spotter. Be reasonable about how many kids you will be spotting (2 kiddos per parent is okay).

*Age 6 may partake by themselves IF they have come to AT LEAST 2 classes/private lesson. Otherwise they will need a parent spotter.

Age 7+ may partake by themselves whether they have been to class or not.

Please call/Text us!

* Absolutely NO toddlers may be in the circus floor.
*Babies in car seats are totally fine. We have a pack n play & changing station.

* For those waiting, we have WiFi, TV with Hulu, water, coffee, cocoa.
*Parking is free but maybe slightly tight.

* Be mindful of crumbs and please clean them up if you bring snacks.

All participant will receive $5 off their next class.

50% of revenue will be sent to a reputable “Save the Koala” foundation.

No class cards for this event.
Cash/credit card okay.
$25 p/person - no refunds unless we cancel
No cost for parent spotter if parent is NOT going to play on equipment.

We need 10 students to run this event.
Please help spread the word.


Yoga/gym type clothing is suggested.
No shorts, no crop tops, no buckles or zippers.

Bare feet or socks on circus floor.