Coming to your first class...

Which class should I come to? 

Our classes are grouped by ages and levels.  We very rarely make exceptions to the ages. 

Ages 4-5  May attend Little Stars Circus Class

Ages 6-11 May attend Youth Silks, Youth Aerial Yoga, Youth Circus 

Ages 12+ish May come to Adult classes  but sometimes we have Teen classes for 13+ 

 ***To get started, everyone SHOULD consider attending an Intro level  First Time flyers class***

Do I have to reserve a spot?  

Yes and No :) 

               Ben Avon- It's best to reserve a spot if you know you are for sure you are coming.                                  There is no refund /exchange option because we are holding your spot. 

                               Due to limited space, AERIAL YOGA & BUNGEE require a pre registration.

                               Ben Avon Schedule CLICK HERE 

                              Ben Avon online booking  CLICK HERE

             McMurray - Pre registration is required. Minimum of 5 to run a class and Maximum of 10

                              McMurray Schedule CLICK HERE

                              McMurray online booking via PULSE CLICK HERE

           Morgantown- Requires a pre registration.     

                             Morgantown Schedule CLICK HERE

                            Morgantown online booking CLICK HERE

    We generally do not take payments over the phone for weekly classes. 

    Please use our "Book Online" tab. 

    This alerts the teacher to add your name to the list.  

    We always need a pre sign up for AERIAL YOGA & BUNGEE.

What should I wear? 

We REQUIRE form fitting comfy clothes that cover the lower back and back of knees.

Yoga type clothing is good choice (leggins/capri & Tank/T shirt). 

No shorts/crop tops- your skin will rub too much. 

No buckles or zippers.  

Nothing too baggy.

Bare feet in class.  

Armpits with hair MUST be covered with a sleeve. 

*****PRETTY PLEASE REFRAIN FROM REAPPLYING PERFUME/BODY SPRAYS- the silk fabric retains the scent. While it may smell pretty, many people sneeze.  So please be a bit more organic when coming to class.  

Where do I park?

Ben Avon:  Parking is free on the front & side of the building and in upper gravel                                     lot.  (please do not block any garage doors) 

McMurray PA :  Parking is free in the lot

Morgantown WV:  Parking is free in the lot

What time should I come?  

About 10 min early is usually good enough. 

We have a paper Waiver form.  

You may download it  (.pdf is at the top of this page)  and bring it in, or allow enough time to fill out before class.  This waiver is only needed 1 time and its pretty simple. 

If there is a class going on when you arrive, please find the sign in table.  It will be available at the front of the studio. There are waivers avail on that table. 

We just ask that you be checked in and ready to warm up when the class begins.  

People who walk in at the last minute hold up our class start time.

So please please give yourself a few minutes. You can change in the bathroom. 

Can I bring spectators?  

Of course!

 * We do not allow video taping of any kind while a class is on going.   

 * Videoing  and selfies are okay WHEN the teacher says its okay.

 *If you are a parent taking class and bringing a child , that is totally fine IF they are old                  enough and well behaved enough to sit and wait or have a chaperone with them. 

 *They can not run around.

 *We can not allow them on the floor during class.

 *They can not play on any silks or other props.  

          It is hard to resist - so please give them a pep talk and remind them of these rules.  

 *Parents- please refrain from "helping" your child during class unless its a Mom n Me class

 We want to continue to allow you to bring your child.  

Please help us keep everyone happy 

How do I pay? 

We, credit card, paypal, venmo, Cash App.  

Bags of pennies are okay too  :) 

We no longer accept checks.  A few NSF checks ruined it for everyone- sorry 


Message from the owner & staff:

      Our goal is to give a unique opportunity to learn some coolio circus tricks and aerial arts.

We are very much people pleasers.  

We also need your help to keep our studio a fun, friendly and non competitive environment.  

We thank you for trusting yourself and children to us.


  We are very passionate about our aerial program and continue to further our own training with top professionals.


We guarantee smiles and sore muscles..... isn't that awesome!


Live ~ Love ~ Soar 

Holly & Staff