We have a STRICT 200# weight limit for ALL our classes.  Please be sure you qualify before you come to class. 

We do have a scale at the studio if you or the teacher is unsure.  This is the best for everyone involved.   



5 Minute Late Policy :  If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be permitted in class. 

Once teacher says the class is over, students must leave the silks area.  Over staying past class time will incur additional charges. 



All students begin at  NEWCOMER/Introductory LEVEL unless permission is given otherwise.  Once you advance to Level 1 and beyond, you must come to a level appropriate class.  (i.e. if you are Level 2, you MAY NOT come to level 1- it's too disruptive)



You must pay for class online or AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS as well as SIGN THE WAIVER/SIGN-IN SHEET.  



 General structure includes: Sign-in, payment, warm-up, fundamentals, some playtime.  Please do not begin to warm up on silks until the teacher gives permission.  Do not show up early to "practice" unless you are attending an Open Silks session.  If the warm-up drills are too hard, do what you can.  Stretching is good!  Please plan on staying the entire class. We try to create a non-competitive environment. We do not "judge" and ask that you don't either.  Please keep your expectation low as a beginner.... this is hard stuff folks :)  



If you have a promo of any kind, it must be printed or shown electronically BEFORE CLASS STARTS.


Promo deals and class passes CANNOT be shared between people.

Each student must have their own promo voucher and class pass.

Promo deals are 1 per person.   

We will not redeem a voucher of the same kind more than once per person. 



Please remove rings, watches, bracelets of any kind.  Belly button jewelry and piercings we can't see is at your discretion. 


Form-fitting clothing covering the back of your knees and lower back is required.  No shorty shorts. No crop tops. No baggy clothes.  No buckles or zippers. We will not allow students in a class that does not conform to the clothing rules.  Our suggestions: Leggings, capri, tank top, t-shirt.  Men- Shorts are okay but please remember that when you go upside down, we may see up your shorts :) 



You may bring your child with you if they can sit on couches while you partake in class.

 Please do not allow children to crawl/ run around during class.  

Children not taking class MAY NOT play on the main circus floor at any time. It's just too dangerous. 



This is courtesy to our EXISTING STUDENTS of all levels.  

Please check the schedule to make sure Open Gym is an option. Do not just show up- please. 

You must sign in and pay before you start practicing.  

Open Gym is supervised (meaning a teacher will be in the studio) but it is not guided.  Safety mats and crash pads are available for all students.

Silk sharing may be necessary.  

We kindly ask that you DO NOT teach other people tricks.  This is practice time for YOU.  If a teacher sees a student teaching another student, we may ask you to stop and/or leave.  If a teacher feels that you are doing moves that are too risky, we will ask you to stop.  Open Gym is not meant to be in lieu of class.  If a student is coming to Open Gym rather than partaking in a class,   we may mandate that you take at least 1 class for every 1 open silks practice.

 Promo coupons CANNOT be used for open silks. 



 You MAY NOT video a class.  You may, however, take photos of yourself or your friends at their permission.  You may post photos of yourself on FB and other public forums if you choose too. You may also tag us on FB.  Please do not take photos of people you don't know unless they give permission.  



 Pregnancy is a lovely time, however, it is not safe to do aerial silks while being pregnant.  We are unable to allow you in an aerial class of a kind while pregnant.