Circus Class
Mini Circus Camp
Summer Circus Camp



Beginner & Experienced classes

Ages 9-Adult 

Pay as you go

Beginner level is available to register here

Experienced level is available by permission



Ages 6-10

90 min mixed apparatus:

Silks & Lyra in every camp plus 1 of the following:

Static Trapeze, Rings, Cube

$42 p/person


SUMMER 2022 

Ages 7-12

(must have completed 1st grade by camp date)


* 3-day Camp   June 29-July 1     12pm-4pm  $300

* 4- day Camp  July 26th-29th   12pm-4pm   $400

*4-day camp will end with student demonstrations & parent participation on July 29th 3:15pm

Can't make it to a full camp? 

There is an opportunity to register for 1 day = $120 

Dates avail: 6/29, 6/30, 7/1, 7,26 

Very limited space for single day campers

Register HERE

 Why choose Circus Camp?

Unique and fantastical Circus training! 

Small class setting

Encouraging and patient staff

Daily drinks & snacks ~ Fruit, veggies, bagel/cream cheese

Making new friends!

Certificate of completion and T-Shirt for those enrolled in the full camp session 


*Special Needs - If your child has special needs of any kind, this must be approved before registering.  We may or may not be able to make the accommodations. 

This includes:  significant physical limitations, extra emotional needs, spectrum disorders, attention disorders, chronic illness (i.e. diabetes, asthma), largely overweight/obesity.   Campers can not partake while in casts, limb braces, finger splints, crutches, canes, or any other medical device.  However, sub q insulin pumps are doable if placed on the upper arm.  


*Attire - Appropriate attire will be expected every day.  You will be given a list of the rules. If a participant is not dressed according to our rules, we will be unable to allow them to partake in camp.  

* Restroom - ALL participants will need to be able to use the restroom by themself.  We can not accompany them or help them in the bathroom or offer potty assistance. 

* Dron n Go - This is a Drop n Go camp.  You may arrive no more than 10 min early to pick up your child. 

* No Spectators - We are not allowing spectators, pictures, filming of any kind (except by the instructors) unless you are in the 4-day camp and part of our final group demonstrations.   If we capture a few pics, they will be emailed to all camper families.  Photo release will be part of the registration process. 

* Behavior - We do not tolerate vulgar language, fighting, pushing/shoving, or bullying of any kind.  Participants must be able to appropriately and kindly interact with peers.  

* Emotional Support- Tears happen.  If the emotional needs of a participant interfere with their ability to partake in activities and/or become distracting or disruptive, we will be unable to have them return.  These instances are very situational.  We will converse with the parents before making any decisions. 

* Late Policy - Summer Camp has a 15 min late policy.  After 15 min, we can not allow a camper in for the day.  No credit/refund/reschedule will be offered. 

* Cancellations Policy - All Sumer Camp registrations (1 day or multiple days) have a 7 days cancellation policy.  If 7 days or more notice is given, you will receive in-studio credit good for 3 months.  Less than 7 days receive no credit and forfeit all payments.  In the event Summer Camp gets canceled by the facility, you will receive a full refund.  


* Dismissal by FacilityRefunds/credits will not be offered if a camper is dismissed for behavior-related issues and/or not dressed appropriately.   


* Medical ExcuseMedical excuses need to be in writing by a physician.  If the medical excuse is given 7 days or more before the first day of camp, you will full receive in-studio credit good for 3 months.  If the medical excuse is given less than 7 days notice, you will receive 50% in-studio credit good for 3 months.  

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