Aerial Silks & Circus Parties

A few words from our customers: 

"Best party ever!"

"What a fantastic time"

"My co workers will be so jealous"

"We had the best circus party in our yard"

"We can't believe how fun this was"

*These are all true and actual statements from just a few of our clients

Option 1 

1 hour private class for up to 10 

Member $225.00    Non Member $275

*Does not include gratuity 

*Tips in cash on day of class

Based on Studio/Staff availability 

Ages 6-Adult 

         Ages under 6 and younger MUST each have a parent spotter 

Everyone will have their own silk.

Please call and inquire about group size & dates before purchasing

Cancellation policy: 

We do not have a cancellation policy nor do we give credits or change dates.  

We do not honor medical excuses- sorry


Pittsburgh Circus Center & Pittsburg
Pittsburgh Circus Center & Pittsburg
Pittsburgh Circus Center & Pittsburg

Option 2 

1 hour private class for up to 10

***Plus 75 min in our party room for your cake/food***

Member $275   Non Member $315

*Does not include gratuity

*Tips in cash day of party

We provide fabric white, ivory or black table cloths and chair covers. 

We have satin overlays and sashes that will be discussed at booking.

We will have the tables and chairs out and dressed before you arrive. 

We ask that you just help bag up garbage- we will clean the linens and floors.

Everyone will have their own silk but sharing of other circus props will be necessary.

Once the class is over, we will not allow students back on the silks or circus props. 

Cancellation policy: 

We do not have a cancellation policy nor do we give credits or change dates.  

We do not honor medical excuses- sorry

Call us to book: 412-681-0111

Party outside  the studio is currently on hold. 
1.5 Hour Indoor or Outdoor Party
This party option will book us to come to YOU.  
No extra travel fees if your location is 20 miles from our main studio zip code of 15202- we will use google maps. If you are outside the 20 miles, we charge $1.00 per mile for our trip there. No extra fee for our trip home. 
If you want us to stay longer pricing is $150.00 per 30 minutes (30 min increments).
Most parties do in fact book us for 2 hours to make sure everyone is happy with their time on Circus equipment.
  Parents are welcome to join in the fun. 
If you want performance, we def need to know that up front.
We will restructure our plan and dictate what we will wear, bring, and how it's staffed.  
 Parties are booked based on staff availability.
We do try our best to give you the time you want
Ages: No age restriction- but no diapers or pull-ups.
There is no restriction on the number of participants but please be mindful to keep it a reasonable number so that all party-goers get enough turns./pictures  
20 participants would be the most we would suggest.  
In a nutshell: 
We bring our portable equipment to you. 
We will have aerial silks and some other circus props  (Lyra, trapeze)
We will teach your party-goers for 90 min on the various circus props and silks. 
Our rigging can hold 3-4 people at a time- we will rotate the party goers so everyone has enough time to play and learn circus. 
There will be a minimum of 2 skilled instructors staffed for your party. 
We encourage as many pictures as you can take! 
If you want performance, we need to know that upon booking.  
Performance time will likely require that you book a longer party. 
WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WHITE HORSE, CASPER, THAT WE CAN BRING.  Pricing is situational.  Sometimes we can include it to be part of your 1.5 hr party.  We take into consideration many aspects: weather, expectations, how many party people etc. 
Here's what we need: 
*Advanced booking
*45 minutes set up time and close spot to pull our vehicle in.
(This setup time is no extra charge) 
*Good weather- We do not bring tent-more details described below
*Level ground of grass, cement, asphalt, gravel only if we can clear small areas for the feet of the equipment.  We will not hurt your grass.
*Waivers for participants signed and sent back BEFORE we begin. 
Rain happens. 
Sadly we cannot host a party in the rain unless you have covered shelter of sort.  
The rigging can be as low as 14 feet and can be taken indoors with adequate ceiling height. 
Our staff, equipment, and Circus truck have been held for your party day.
 We will have passed up other opportunities for performance or parties.
 We do not offer a refund/credit or rain check.  
Parties are paid upfront and we have reserved that time for you.
 It's best to have a backup plan and check the radar each day.
If it begins to rain during the party, we will have to break down and leave. 
Please please have a backup plan.
We reserve the right to not set up if it is apparent that rain will set in- it's just not safe.
 Perhaps check into a canopy rental, community room space, church cafeteria etc.
 Travel fees still apply if the location has changed.