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Message from Holly -


I've spent most of my life as an athlete, dancer, former fitness competitor, former bodybuilder, coach of 8 different sports, and well just an all around daredevil.  I am the mom who's out on the field at football practice, on the mat in wrestling practice, running with the team at soccer practice, in the water with the divers, flipping on the trampolines, up in the trees at rope courses, in the mud with obstacle courses, at the rodeos competing, and well pretty much anything that looks fun and exciting.  Funny tho- I don't do roller coasters :)  

As you know, we aren't getting any younger.  While I tell everyone "I'm 33 (again)", I'll admit that I am nearing 50 years old...yeah, I just said it.  Luckily, I've been able to fine my nutritional needs with proper food and supplementation.  

I've spent sooo much $ buying crappy vitamins etc because it all sounded good on the label.  Not all the supplements were a bad choice, but I have been drawn to items just because it had a cool looking bottle and fancy words.  I am going to save you the time and $ of finding out the hard way that you DO NOT NEED everything you see on the shelves.  There are some essentials that I recommend for everyone that does any kind of training.  I'm not talking running on treadmills and hiking Mount Everest. Walking at the mall for over an hour does deplete your legs and burns off sugars.  That's okay- its exercise!  You just need to replace some of it and water isn't going to do all the work.  

To help you choose the best products- we have broken it down for you into bundle packages.  There are multiple other items in the ADVOCARE line that you may like to try.  If you have specific questions, please email us or call/text 412.681.0111  We can help you pick the best items so you aren't playing the guessing game.  

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This is an AWESOME program for ANYONE who uses supplements, likes athletic gear, like to try something new, likes to receive a monthly gift box, likes to learn about workout regimes.  

Using our link: your monthly price is $22.99.   ($29.99 retail).

What you get: 

Monthly Box containing gender appropriate supplements, vitamins, gym gear, apparel, shaker cups etc.... 

The box is worth at least double what you pay!!!  

This is a great way to try some new things!  

You can cancel anytime.  


Mr. Musclebox

Miss MuscleBox

Protein Musclebox




MuscleBox is our men’s subscription box built to motivate and help you destroy your fitness and bodybuilding goals.



Protein MuscleBox is our subscription box entirely dedicated to protein, helping with weight loss and muscle repair.


Miss MuscleBox is our women’s subscription box tailored for women who want to get fit, tone up and get active.

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